Crime Scene/ Vandalism Cleanup


Crime Scene/Vandalism Cleanup

Thieves and vandals see structural damages as opportunities to cause additional chaos in your life. ServiceMaster Gordon offers crime scene and vandalism cleanup along with our 24/7/365 emergency response to prevent such troubles from occurring in your life. We strive to provide you with immediate security in your building. We protect your belongings from theft and further damage in our safe and secure warehouses. We repair and restore the structure of your building on-site and restore your valuables while they are in storage. Our goal is to return your home or office to normal conditions as quickly as possible.

Vandalism can have multiple negative effects on your business. Aside from damaging the building you have invested in, vandalism and crime scenes also lower a customer’s perception of your business. When you need to have your building repaired, and quickly, ServiceMaster will be there to help with the crime scene, graffiti, and vandalism cleanup.

Aside from hits to your reputation, vandalism can impact your commercial facility in other ways. Graffiti gets harder to remove the longer it sits; therefore, you risk permanent stains on your building. Also, by not cleaning up hazardous debris, you may be risking the safety of your employees and customers. Finally, broken windows and doors can leave your office open to more crimes and vandalism. ServiceMaster can provide board up services until the cleanup and repair are complete.

No matter what type of vandalism your place of the business suffers from, we can help restore your exterior to its previous condition. From paint and graffiti to structural damage and broken windows, no feat is too big or too small for ServiceMaster Gordon.


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