Sewage Damage


Residental Sewage Damage

The effects of sewage damage can be more far-reaching than you may expect and can be detrimental to your space, and your health. If your toilet has overflowed, or your sewage pipe has burst, it may not be enough to try and clean it yourself. Sewage contains bacteria and needs to be properly cleaned by trained professionals to truly return to a clean and stable environment for your health and for the overall condition of the space. Raw sewage can contain microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more that can make people and pets sick. In these situations, it is best to air on the side of caution, and call a professional. 

Our sewage damage services are prompt, thorough, and go above and beyond any health standards and guidelines. All affected areas will be properly disinfected and sanitized to quickly and effectively eliminate all odors, bacteria, and other harmful side-effects of sewage spills. 

ServiceMaster Gordon has cleaned and restored many homes and businesses from sewage damage in Cherokee and Fulton counties. Call ServiceMaster Gordon to start remediating the damage as soon as possible 24/7/365. Call 770-670-9751.


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