Water Mitigation


Water Mitigation

Just because all visible standing water has been removed does not necessarily mean the job is done. Moisture can linger in the air in the form of humidity, or it may be trapped in your walls, flooring, or other areas of your home, causing significant structural damage right under your nose. Unless it’s treated properly, this hidden moisture can destroy your home or business and facilitate mold growth. To prevent mold growth and protect your home or office from further damage, ServiceMaster Gordon provides professional water cleanup and dehumidification services to the residents and business owners and the surrounding communities. With our help, your property can be fully restored and you can trust that all remaining moisture will be removed, preventing additional damage down the line.

Our highly-trained experts first use moisture probes to detect the water damaged areas of your building. With this technology, we can detect hidden moisture in otherwise inaccessible areas without resorting to invasive techniques. Your drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation, and hardwood floors could be all at risk if they’ve been exposed to water or excess humidity. We then use commercial grade dehumidifiers to condense the water vapor in the air into water that we can pump out of the building. We also circulate dry air throughout your home or office to provide you with a completely clean and restored building.



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