Packout Services


Packout Services

After a disaster occurs, you may only be focused on restoring the structure of your building. At ServiceMaster Gordon, we believe that restoring the valuables inside your home or office is just as important as restoring the building itself. That’s why we provide professional packout services. We will move your belongings to our secure, climate-controlled warehouses where they will be restored to their original pre-loss conditions and kept safe until your property has been properly restored. With our packout services, all of your belongings will be thoroughly cataloged using our electronic inventory system, professionally restored, and returned to your property without any missteps.

Leaving your possessions on-site could mean risk of theft if the building’s security has been compromised due to structural damage. Doing so may also hinder and slow the restoration process. Your belongings should be moved to a safe and secure off-site location to be repaired and stored. Our packing and inventory staff takes the utmost care in handling, moving, and storing your possessions. Your items will be thoroughly cleaned, deodorized, and restored so that when your building is fully restored, your belongings are ready for use upon return.

ServiceMaster Gordon packout and storage services include:


  • Detailed inventory
  • Expert packing
  • Professional moving services
  • Secure and climate-controlled storage units
  • Customer access to stored contents
  • Chain of custody forms
  • Expert restoration services




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